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Our vast experience in running road shows, organising exhibitions and trade shows, organising commercial launchings and events makes us one of the largest event and exhibition management companies in Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei. Our ability to offer our clients high level comprehensive services, our attention to detail and our ability to solve clients’ problems effectively and creatively also makes us one of the most sought after event and exhibition management companies in East Malaysia. Being a company based in Kuching, we are familiar with the geographical regions and the demographic of East Malaysia and Brunei region.

We are familiar with the culture and habits of the local bumiputras and their values. As such, we are able to offer advice to our clients to make their promotions done in these parts more effectively.


We have a warehouse in Kuching with vast space of storage area. Some of our fabrications works are also done there. We have a number of trucks and 4 wheel drive vehicles which are used for legworks and logistics for our clients.

T.E.E.M. Event and Exhibition Management Sdn. Bhd specialise in the management and co-ordination of all aspects of event, conference and exhibition.